Avril Gau created her own namesake brand in Spring 2002. Her collections are a combination of classic and contemporary styles, which would appeal equally well to the modern fashion-conscious woman as to her daughter! Her sophisticated styles seduce as much for their quality as for their comfort.
Like a true sculptor, Avril uses the volume but also masters the technical aspects, showing subtle hints of humour - like the glitter welts on her creeper soles! She enjoys this kind of mixture, sophistication and sport, unexpected details and little surprises.

The shoes and handbags are manufactured in Spain, France and Portugal.
Avril wants her customers to feel harmonised with her products, comfortable in the shoes, and feel that the bags are practical.

The quality of the products is primordial to bringing out the charm in the simple lines.
Avril cares about the origin of the raw materials and the way they are produced. “Where do they come from and how were they made?” The same goes for the hides and raw materials, it’s a great challenge but she tries to monitor from the manufacturing source.
Seven years’ ago, Avril opened her first shops in Paris, one in Saint Germain des Près which will be given a complete facelift in August 2017, the other is located near to the Place des Victoires.